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How to Choose Your Burglar Alarm Installer!

Who can you trust to install your Burglar Alarm System!

For those who require a burglar alarm system for their home or business then it surely makes sense to consult a professional burglar alarm installation company for their specialist advice.

These companies can be identified by their active enrollment and membership with one of the alarm inspection bodies e.g. SSAIB or NSI. These inspectorates are there to assure the public that their choice of Installation Company has the necessary qualifications and technical ability to install and maintain their alarm installation, to Alarm Installation Standard PD6662: 2010.

With the implementation of these alarm installation standards comes both Police and Insurance Industry involvement in the overall regulation of these standards.

This is particularly important to remember when Insurance Cover or a Police Response is required, as only those installation companies that meet their requirements will be considered.

For those who are unsure as to the credentials of their alarm installer, please contact their local Crime Prevention Officer or Insurance Broker for further advice on the matter.

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